51 Great Travel Books: Inspiration and Adventure for Travelers!


Every year we are going to read more. Often it fails because of the book selection. In order for us and you to never again, we have here our 51 travel guide tips for browsing, dreaming and planning trips, listed!

If you are as adventurous as we are, then you may also like to travel in travel novels that are played in far-away lands or let you inspire in travel books for the next trip.

We definitely enjoy reading books from far away countries!

Since we are always on the lookout for good travel books, we have started to write a personal reading list and of course we want to share our travel guide tips with you.

In this article you will find our favorite travel books that we have already read and want to recommend to you.

Since we have not read everything yet, you will also find the books about traveling that are still on our reading list.

In total, you'll find 51 travel books here, divided into four different topics: travel stories, travel guides to inspiration, travel cookbooks and travel novels.

We wish all travelers a lot of fun with our travel book list.

Travel books with a lot of inspiration for travelers and adventurers

The following travel books offer a lot of inspiration. You do not know where your next trip should go? These books definitely help.

Three wonderful books from the Reisedepeschen-Verlag

Marianna and Johannes are travel bloggers of the first hour and have 2018 a crazy idea put into action. The two have founded their own publishing house where they publish wonderful and very special travel books.

So far, three books have been published and we can highly recommend them to you. We even wrote one of the books. In addition to Bol.com, we also link directly to the shop of Reisedepeschen-Verlag. There you can order the books also free shipping and supports a wonderful project a little more than an Bol.com order.

# 1 Germany in winter

Germany in winter is cold and bleak? We always thought, but that's not quite true. In this book you get a lot of suggestions about what you can do in Germany in the winter so everything.

Sorted by region there are a lot of surprises beyond the typical winter activities like Christmas markets and museums. This book is full of inspirations!

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# 2 The Island Guide - Thailand

If it prefers you in the winter in warm climes, then the island guide for Thailand is just the right travel book for you.

The book is not a classic travel guide, but a real source of inspiration. Various authors introduce their favorite islands in Thailand. Of course, there are not only the typical suspects, but some real insider tips.

We also introduce our favorite island in this book. Which is that?

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# 3 Roadtrip - A love story

The third book from the Reisedepeschen-Verlag is completely different from the first two. It's a mix of illustrated book and a crazy story.

Jennifer and Peter have only known each other four months when they decide to drive around the world in an old Unimog.

They spend 30 months traveling, experiencing a lot of adventures and taking beautiful photos. All this they show in this book, which we have closed directly into the heart.

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The sound of the sea: the happiness of being on the water

If you're a fan of fine sand beaches, red-orange sunsets, and gentle swells like this, then this book is for you.

Various authors report their experiences on palm beaches and rough coasts. Among other things, we, ha!

We have contributed to the book a report on the wonderful Åland Islands .

The book is available in a beautiful, hardcover edition with 272 pages for 26.90 euros.

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Best in Travel

The 15th edition of the Best in Travel by Lonely Planet will not disappoint in 2020 either.

Various authors have contributed to the recommendations on the 10 best cities, regions and countries to travel.

Not just a boring ranking list is scoured, but interesting topics are discussed: Which place offers travelers a special experience? Which place is currently an insider tip? With itinerary and small map to every destination.

The whole thing is supplemented in this issue with tips on sustainable travel.

Good 200 pages full of interesting information for new discoveries for just 12 Euro.

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In 225 trips around the world

An illustrated book by National Geographic with incredibly impressive photographs of cultural monuments, natural landscapes, mountains, seas, lakes and cities.

For everyone there is all the important information such as travel time, restaurants and accommodation. There are also the categories "Unforgettable experiences" and "Insider tips" for those who want to immerse themselves deeper into their destination.

A nice and big book for home for 40,00 Euro.

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Atlas Obscura

At first glance, the Atlas Obscura looks like a travel guide. At second glance, the book thrills with numerous maps, information texts and photos. It reveals mysterious and bizarre places that arouse the desire to travel. A real marvel!

Created by a team of authors, the book contains accompanying texts and hundreds of photos.

An extraordinary declaration of love to the most exotic places on earth for 34.00 Euro as hardcover.

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111 reasons to travel around the world

Blogger Marianna Hillmer knows that there is more than one reason to travel or at least take a day trip.

In fact, she even knows 111 such reasons and she introduces them in her book.

If you still do not go traveling after reading, then we do not know what to do next.

On 256 pages for 9.99 euros her book awakens the desire for new destinations.

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Lonely Planets: When to where to go

If you are looking for a suitable destination for each month, you will find many inspirations in this book. It contains 360 monthly travel suggestions around the world.

Tips for culture, sports and recreation complete the richly illustrated band. The travel advice includes tips for every budget. Beautiful pictures, entertaining texts and important information invite you to plan your next trip.

The book contains 304 pages and is available in a hardcover edition for 26.90.

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Secret Places

The Hamburg travel journalist Bernd Schiller describes in this book the 100 most beautiful travel destinations worldwide, which lie off the beaten track. It goes sometimes to Ethiopia, Ireland or unknown paradise islands in Oceania.

Everything is accompanied by beautiful photos, detailed background information and overnight tips. With this book you are well equipped for the next dream trip.  

The book published in 2019 and 320 pages long. The bound edition is available for around 40 euros.

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Secret Cites Europe

Europe is full of wonderful travel destinations and it does not have to be the well-known cities.

This guide will show you 70 great cities within Europe that are off the beaten tourist track. Because there are still many undiscovered pearls that are just as worth seeing as   Rome, London or Berlin.

This book is great for trendsetters and travelers who want to escape mass tourism.  

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Legendary train travel

Everyone knows the Trans-Siberian railroad or the Orient Express, but what iconic train travel can one still do in the world?

Exactly this question answers this Lonely Planet Guide. From the Coast Starlight along the Pacific coast of the USA to the only rail link between Lima and Huancavelica in the Andes. This book is worthwhile for both newcomers and experts, because there are many insider tips from the travel community.  

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Lonely Planets Curious World

You have a fable for the mysterious, the quirky and the spooky? This Lonely Planet travel guide will show you the mysterious corners of the world.

Among the topics of the guide include, for example, the 10 bizarre disaster sites in the world, the witch market in Peru or deserted exclusion zones, such as Chernobyl. There are also personal travel reports, helpful information for the visit and illustrated maps.  

The bound edition costs about 27 euros and consists of 302 pages.

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Legendary road trips

Which are the most beautiful streets in the world, where is the best way to drive? This guide by Lonely Planet shows you the 50 best routes in the world for road trips.  

On board is the spectacular coastal road of the Amalfi Coast in Italy, the Ho Chi Minh Road in Vietnam or the Pacific Coast Highway in the USA. As usual for Lonely Planet, there are also great photos, clear maps, useful travel tips and lots of personal travelogues.  

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DuMont illustrated book Atlas of the desire to travel

You need new inspiration for your next trip? Then the DuMont Photo Book Atlas is just right for you. On 386 pages, there are countless travel ideas for near and far. Whether to the oldest cultural sites of humanity, the Northern Lights in the northernmost corners of the world or the most interesting regions of Europe - this Altas offers something for every type of travel.

For each destination there is also helpful information for the journey, the best sights and of course great photos.

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You only live once

"You only live once" - everyone knows the saying, but what does he really mean? Does it refer to how you live your whole life or can it refer to an hour, a day or a month?

This book, full of witty illustrations and beautiful photos typical of Lonely Planet books, gives you plenty of clues to transforming your life. For this you do not have to give up your job and travel to the other end of the world - it is also in the normal everyday life.    

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The best travel stories

It starts with travel stories in which you tell different authors of their adventures and awaken the travel fever in you.

Breakfast with elephants: As a ranger in Africa

Gesa Neitzel leaves her normal life in Berlin behind and sets off for Africa to become a safari ranger. An adventure novel? Wrong, more of an autobiography!

Gesa tells in her book about spending months sleeping in a tent camp, learning how to read tracks, surviving in the savannah, and incredible encounters with lions and elephants. And how her life really started.

A great book with a high risk of Africa wanderlust risk for 14.99 euros in printed version and 12.99 euros for Kindle.

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Sea view instead of early shift

Sea view instead of morning shift is one of two books by our blogger colleague and friend Carina Hermann. In her book Seaview instead of the morning shift , she tells us her story: no desire for the monotonous life, burned out of the job. She decides to drop everything and go on the journey. And today she is on the way!

She describes her experiences and her path to self-discovery in this book, which is available for 10.00 Euro in the paperback edition.

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Stop the world, I want to get out

While traveling, Martin Krengel experimented with other lifestyles. His thirst for adventure took him from Tahiti to Fiji and from China to Australia. As a stand-up comedian and drop-out, Krengel experienced amazing stories, which he now reveals in this book.

The motivation expert wrote a narrative that you can use to wake up, so that it finally goes into the distance. On 350 pages Krengel tells how you travel.

For the price of 13.99 euros, the band is suitable for all readers who want to be globetrotters.

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Going to stay: How I moved into the world to arrive at my place

How far do we have to travel in order to arrive at our own at some point? Anika Landsteiner not only writes wonderful stories about traveling on her blog, but now also in her book.

As a reader, you'll join Anika on Colombian jungle trails and California highways.

Sharp observations and clever thoughts can be found in the 282-page paperback book for 10.00 euros. The Kindle edition is slightly cheaper, with 8.99 euros.

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The big deal: How I won half a million in Günther Jauch and just drove off

Meike Winnemuth has achieved what many dream: she has won half a million euros from Günter Jauch.

What is the best way to do the freshly gained wealth? Buy a house, a car? No! Meike wanted to travel and we can understand that very well.

One year she took the time to explore the world and writes about this journey of her life in this book.

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As a shaker around the world: The story of one who joined in the game

Almost all travel books here have one thing in common: they are written by people who have always been drawn out into the wide world and who have been given travel in the cradle.

This book is different. Jan Kowalsky never wanted to go on a big trip. Dumb only that his wife has a great urge for travel and adventure and so Jan Kowalsky had to jump over his shadow.

What he has experienced on his travels as a shaker around the world, he describes in a very entertaining and entertaining way in this book.

The perfect read for those who may not yet dare to embark on a great adventure.

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A coffee to go in Togo: A bicycle, 26 countries and lots of coffee

Markus Maria Weber was a management consultant, worked a lot and drank a lot of coffee. One day he decided to take a break from the stressful job and drink a coffee to go in Togo.

So he sat down on his bike and drove off. Once across Europe and Africa, the route passed through 26 countries, through the Sahara, through the rainforest of Guinea to Togo.

An exciting journey, an exciting book. Absolute reading recommendation!

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100 countries, 100 women, 100 noises

Originally, Michael Berndt led a quiet existence in a quiet place in Saxony. But at the age of 23, the butcher decides to change his life completely.

With only 700 euros, he travels to Australia, where he kicks in a few pats. But Berndt is looking for the adventures. He tries all kinds of drugs and decides to sleep with another woman in each country.

It takes eight years of which Berndt tells with much wit in his travelogue available for 16.99 euros, which leads you through 100 countries.

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100 grams of vodka: looking for traces in Russia

Fredy Gareis embarks on a search for clues. To explore his family history, the author travels three months across Russia, to Siberia and the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. With the military jeep, hitchhiking and on the train, Gareis travels through Russian expanses to answer the questions of his childhood.

On 256 pages you will learn about gorgeous acquaintances, wild vodka feasts and the actual ticking of Russians under Putin.

The book is paperback for 14.99 euros to have.

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Boarder Lines

In his autobiographical narration, surfer Andreas Brendt reports on his travels, which took him around the world for over 10 years.

As a student, he decided to travel spontaneously through Asia. In Bali, Brendt learned surfing, which became his life-defining activity. Now the rider reports on unbelievable adventures full of bizarre characters.

The charming debut novel by the author, which costs 8.99 euros in the Kindle Edition, awakens the yearning for distant worlds and gigantic waves.

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The voices of Marrakech

As a companion of a film team Elias Canetti landed in Marrakech in 1954 - a country that was strangely alien to him.

In the report written after his return about his journey, he describes his impressions of the various neighborhoods that have confronted him with death, bitter poverty, despair and many intimate human relationships. All these experiences and observations awaken in him the desire for a better life.

As a paperback this classic of travel literature is available for 7,99 Euro - in the Kindle version you can save one more Euro.

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In Patagonia

Bruce Chatwin explores the wild Patagonia, picturesquely located at the end of the world. Divided politically between Chile and Argentina since the beginning of the 20th century, it offers adventurous discoveries and exciting destinies that Bruce Chatwin embraces with all his curiosity and a particularly empathetic nature.

He talks to locals and immigrants and takes you on 272 pages to discover this very special country with him.

Another classic, ideal for balmy summer evenings. To have as paperback for 9.99 euros.

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Travel around the world

What did you do when you were 17? In any case, Georg Forster participated in the second circumnavigation of the world by James Cook between 1772 and 1775 as a 17-year-old.

This epic journey caused a worldwide sensation and his travelogue published in 1777 inspired the masses.

Even today, the book can inspire through the epochal narrative and pictorial portrayal of foreign cultures worldwide.

For only 18,00 Euro you can experience this adventure in this impressive as well as extensive paperback (over 1.000 pages).

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Travel Episodes: stories of wanderlust and freedom

Whether trekking through the Rocky Mountains, adventure with empty bags in Ecuador or hitchhiking through Pakistan - in this book you'll read about incredible experiences from every corner of the world.

Each chapter was written by another globetrotter: journalists, photographers and travel bloggers tell of their greatest adventures.

The Schmöker was published by our award-winning travel blogger colleague Johannes Klaus.

Meanwhile, there are already three volumes full of travel stories.

Book No. 1 (January 2016): order at Bol.com / order at Thalia

Book No. 2 (December 2016): order at Bol.com / order at Thalia

Book No. 3 (December 2017): order at Bol.com / order at Thalia

Light and shadow in Namibia

Namibia became second home to Anna Mandus. She knows that Namibia has much more to offer than deserts and lions. She shows us her world and what moves people here.

With her wealth of experience, the author highlights all facets of Namibia and reports on her experiences with the people, their problems, hopes and dreams.

An interesting excursion for people with wanderlust - this book may not be missing on a trip to Namibia, but is also very interesting to read. Paperback: 14,99 Euro.

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The Jesus from the sex shop

Helge Timmerberg travels a lot. Very much. He has been traveling around the world for 40 years, reporting in witty and exciting reports.

In this life-smart, funny adventure book, you'll be entertained well from start to finish and get an insight into the wonderful experiences of the author. By the way, Steven Seagal once broke his thumb at aikido.

If you are someone who has been seized by the travel bug, then this book is written as if for you. And if not, then too! As a paperback, it is available for 9.99 euros.

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Robyn Davidson lives her dream. At 27, she breaks to cross the Australian desert. Their only companions are four wild camels and a dog.

On a journey that she puts to the test, full of venomous animals, unbearable heat and finally 9 months of loneliness, she leaves her old life more and more behind her.

Away from civilization, she realizes what one really needs to be happy. The encounter with Rick threatens to disturb her luck.

To have as paperback for 9.99 euros.

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Six pairs of shoes

Growing up in a religious community in Norway, Thor and Mary set out with their four children to discover the world for a year. Not only did they want to get to know foreign cultures and exotic countries, they also wanted to learn how to break away from the deadlocked rules that determined their lives so far and to become acquainted with real freedom.

By now they are back in Norway and have summarized their experiences in this book on 304 pages.  

The book is available as a paperback for 17 euros and as an eBook for 14 euros.

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The hottest gap in the CV

Nick was tired of his ordinary office job and decides to leave everything behind. Job, safety and everyday life made room for adventure, uncertainty and freedom. At first it was only going to be a year, but then it was six years traveling over 70 countries.  

He was robbed, worked as a travel journalist, sailed through a hurricane, and struggled as a stripper in Las Vegas. Together with the Berlin author Anita Vetter, he made this book out of his adventures - and yet he is far from finished with his world travels.

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Practical travel books

Women travel solo

The idea of ​​traveling alone in the world as a woman can be intimidating.

That's exactly what this book is meant to do. It is intended to encourage girls with long-distance woes.

In the book, there are many tips, experiences and information about the solo traveling as a woman, written by our dear travel blogger colleague and girlfriend Carina Herrmann.

The paperback is available for € 15.99, the Kindle Unlimited version is free.

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Without words book: 650 pictures for globetrotters

From A like Afghanistan to Z like Zaire: There are universal symbols everywhere that every human being understands. The pointing dictionary therefore includes about 650 images that globetrotters use to communicate.

Nine chapters, which cover topics such as food and accommodation, feature colored drawings that are clearly recognizable. In addition, the sturdy spiral band, which consists of 76 dirt-repellent sides, gives you an important place for 6.99 euros to write sketches and notes. Great for the road!

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The best travel cookbooks

Travel is always through the stomach. If you want to cook up the delicious dishes from your last holiday at home, then we have here the right books for it.

travel hunger

Food blogger Nicole Stich combines her passion for good food with her second passion: traveling.

What is closer than a cookbook with recipes from near and far?

From Mediterranean to American to Oriental cuisine, you'll find uncomplicated recipes in this great travel cookbook, garnished with personal travel photos, stories and recommendations for a country's must eat.

The hardcover you get for 24.99 euros.

Order at Bol.com / order at Thalia

Visiting Morocco

From delicious food in remote desert villages to modern dining in oriental metropolises: Sophie and Rob Palmer offer a colorful tour of the most beautiful areas and cuisines of Morocco.

Colorful shots illustrate culinary classics that the authors delightfully prepare. Her recipes contain amazing flavor creations. Photos show the colorful landscapes. Portraits, which can also be found in the 288-page travelogue, complete the book.

The band available for 39.90 euros is ideal if you want to immerse yourself in Moroccan cuisine and lifestyle.

Order at Bol.com / order at Thalia

Salt Silver Latin America. Travel surf cooking

Where are the best waves? Where are the hotspots for surfers? Johannes Riffelmacher and Thomas Kosikowski packed their surfboards, kitchen knives and cameras and went on a trip to South America.

In their book, the two authors reveal on 304 pages in addition to numerous surf tips the appropriate recipe ideas.

A great book for all water sports fans and friends of South American cuisine. It is available for 29.99 euros.

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The most beautiful travel novels

Novels are still the best holiday reading. That's why we put together an overview of great novels that are not always direct, but always indirectly related to travel.

The glass palace

Imagine having to watch foreign troops invade, plunder the glass palace, and exile the royal family. This is what happened to Rajkumar, who owns a snack bar on the market of Mandalay and witnesses in 1885 as the British troops march into Burma.

In the wake he sees a servant, whom he forfeits. This novel is a dramatic love story and a fascinating family saga at the same time and will captivate you for many hours.

If you are planning a trip to Myanmar , this book is the perfect companion.

624 pages for 12,99 Euro as paperback.

Order at Bol.com / order at Thalia

Into the wild

The cover of this book you probably already know from movie posters, because the movie "Into the Wild" had an incredible amount of success. The author John Krakauer wrote it about the traveler Chris McCandless, after his body was discovered in 1992 in the ice of Alaska.

What has put him in the solitude of nature, after he has sold everything material and has brought modern civilization behind him?

A book for reflection for 11,00 Euro.

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A really great novel and perfect for browsing in bed in the evenings as you prepare for your trip to India or simply dreaming off into the distance.

The book is about the Australian Lindsay, who ends up in India after two prison stays and in search of himself. The people and the situations in which he finds himself in exotic India make him a "shantaram", a "man of peace". But the meeting on a woman with questionable contacts to the underworld, put him to the test.

The book Shantaram is one of Jenny's favorite books and is available for 12.99 euros in the paperback edition.

Order at Bol.com / order at Thalia

The alchemist

One night, an Andalusian shepherd named Santiago dreams of a distant treasure. The fable describes his exciting quest, which leads him to Egypt.

There, the brave adventurer learns that the real riches are not in the pyramids, but in the homeland. Santiago learns important life wisdom on his travels that will occupy you as a reader.

Paulo Coelho created a world-famous novel that emphasizes the importance of life dreams with his famous travel story, which is available as a hardcover edition for 20 euros.

Order at Bol.com / order at Thalia

Hotel Laguna: My family on the beach

Are the dream locations of our childhood actually existing? This question is dedicated to this travel narrative, in which Alexander Gorkow returns to the holiday village of his childhood after more than 30 years. In Canyamel, welches an der nordöstlichen Küste von Mallorca liegt, verbrachte Alexander seine prägenden Familienurlaube.