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Singapore is a city of superlatives, a multicultural, cosmopolitan country in the heart of Asia.

Singapore offers just what your heart desires: entertainment, architecture, an incredible amount of green space and great destinations. Singapore is also an absolute paradise for those who like to eat.

You get countless goodies for little money, but can also go really expensive food. Well, get pleasure?

On this page you will find an overview of our most important articles and our best Singapore travel tips: Helpful travel information for travel planning and for your stay on site.

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Our practical travel tips for Singapore at a glance

The best travel time for Singapore

Singapore is very good to travel all year round. Warm temperatures between 25 and 33 degrees Celsius prevail in Singapore all year round.

The weather in Singapore is divided into a dry season (March to September) and a rainy season (October to February). The rainiest months are November and December, but even then it usually does not rain more than 1 to 2 hours a day.

Basically, you can not go wrong with choosing travel time for Singapore. Only a few specific dates in the year are a bit less favorable (eg Chinese New Year, Formula 1 weekend), because at these dates the city is almost fully booked and accommodations are accordingly expensive.

Detailed information on travel time and important dates can be found in our article:

The best travel time for Singapore

How much time should one plan for Singapore?

Singapore can be combined very well with another destination in Southeast Asia or with Australia or New Zealand. As a hub, Singapore is perfect for spending a few days here at the beginning or end of the journey.

If you only want to visit the most important sights, 2 days are enough. But we recommend 3 to 5 days, as there is much more to discover in Singapore. Last time we stayed there for more than a week.

Arrival Documents

Singapore lies in front of the southern tip of Malaysia's main island, separated only by the narrow sea strait of Johor of Malaysia.

In addition to Malaysia, Singapore also borders on the island of Sumatra, which belongs to Indonesia.

Flights from Germany to Singapore

Direct flights from Germany to Singapore are offered by Frankfurt, Munich, Dusseldorf and Berlin. The flight time is about 12 hours.

From Frankfurt, Dusseldorf and Munich one of the best airlines in the world, and partly Lufthansa, flies with Singapore Airlines.

From Berlin there is a direct connection with the budget airline Scoot.

This is much cheaper, but you have to do without much comfort and pay extra for all extras (food, drinks, entertainment, luggage).

Alternatively, you can fly to Singapore with the Arabian airlines Qatar, Etihad and Emirates.

The airlines also offer a very good standard, but then you have a stopover in Doha , Dubai or Abu Dhabi .

To find the best flight connection, we recommend the Skyscanner flight search:

To the Skyscanner flight search

Flights within Asia

Within Asia, Singapore Airport is one of the biggest hubs. In addition, the airport is considered one of the best in the world, which we can only confirm.

From Singapore, you can easily travel to almost every corner of Southeast Asia and have the choice between many airlines.

Bus connections between Malaysia and Singapore

If you want to travel from Singapore to Malaysia or vice versa, the bus is usually the fastest and cheapest option.

Many buses are very comfortable and not to compare with German coaches. Often there are z. For example, only three seats per row, so you have plenty of room.

Bus tickets are best booked online before. Often you can then choose a seat directly. We prefer to book our bus tickets via 12GO. There you will find a huge selection of connections and bus companies.

To 12Go bus search from Singapore

What documents do I need to enter Singapore?

As always, to get to Singapore you need a valid passport. This must also be valid 6 months after your trip. A visa is not necessary for tourists.

If you arrive by plane, you will get a residence permit of up to 30 days at the airport. If you arrive by land or sea, you will receive a residence permit of only 14 days.

Caution: Cigarettes must be cleared upon entry, this also applies to started packs. The penalties for unauthorized imports are very high, which is why we recommend that you take no cigarettes at all and prefer to buy them on the spot.

Chewing gum should also not be introduced. Here, however, we know of no case in which this has ever led to problems. But for sure it is safe.

Stay overnight in Singapore

Singapore has a very large selection of hotels. Unfortunately, the room rates are not exactly low.

For a middle-class hotel in a good location you have to calculate between 100 and 150 euros per night. Cheap hostel rooms you get from about 20 to 30 euros per night.

We have written a detailed article showing which neighborhoods are the best places to stay and recommend good hotels in every price category:

Where to stay in Singapore? Our hotel tips.

Good guides for Singapore

You can travel to Singapore without a guide. Finally, on our site you will find all the tips for Singapore that you need.

Nevertheless, there are of course some good guides we can recommend:

Dumont Direct Singapore - The perfect travel guide for those who are in Singapore for a short time and want to keep the most important information compact

Lonely Planet Singapore - For those who like it a bit more detailed, the Lonely Planet is a good choice.

111 places to see in Singapore - Not a classic travel guide, but a nice read for travel preparation.

Lost Guides Singapore - This English->

What should you pack up?

Singapore is hot all year round. So pack as thin a clothing as possible, but do not forget something long to coat.

In shopping malls, restaurants, museums, etc., it is often very air-conditioned, so you can quickly freeze in T-shirts and shorts.

By the way, short pants and "revealing" Western-style clothing are not a problem in Singapore.

We show you tips for packing and our favorite travel gadgets in our packing lists:

Packing list for Southeast Asia
Packing list for city trips

Do you need a travel adapter for Singapore?

In Singapore, there are other sockets than in Germany, so you definitely need an adapter.

We always have a universal adapter that we can use in almost every country in the world.

Universal Adapter
Adapter for Singapore

Getting around in Singapore

Public transport in Singapore is very well developed. The subway is called Singapore MRT. It is fast, cheap and regularly connects Singapore's main attractions.

To use the MRT, you can choose between single tickets and the rechargeable EZ-Link card. We strongly recommend the EZ-Link card, as you do not have to queue at the ticket machine before each trip, and the travel on the ticket is a bit cheaper.

However, you do not get an EZ-Link card at the machine, but at ticket counters, which are available in all major subway stations. The card costs 12 SGD (about 8 euros), of which 7 SGD are already travel credit.

There is also the EZ-Link card in all 7-Eleven supermarkets. There the card costs 10 SGD incl. 5 SGD credits.

When entering and leaving a metro station you simply hold the card to the card reader and depending on the distance you will be charged the fare. A ride is very cheap and costs depending on the distance 0.71 SGD (about 0.50 euros) to about 2-3 SGD (1 to 2 euros) for very long distances.

You can easily charge the EZ-Link card from any machine at the stations. When you leave a station, you will always be shown your current balance.

How do I get from the airport to the city in Singapore?

Changi Airport Singapore is located on the eastern tip of the island, approximately 20 kilometers from the city center. The airport is easy and quick to reach and you have several options for that.

By MRT from Singapore airport to the city

The cheapest option from the airport to the city is the MRT. For about 2 SGD you can get to the city in about 40 minutes by MRT, but you have to change to this one.

First, take the Changi Airport Line to Tanah Merah Station. There you can then change to the East-West (EW) line of the MRT, which will take you directly to the center. Trains operate from 5:30 am to approximately 11:00 pm.

By taxi from Singapore airport to the city

The most convenient option is of course a taxi. Just follow the signs to the taxi stand at the airport. The trip costs between 25 and 35 SGD (15 to 25 euros) depending on the distance and since the traffic in Singapore is not that bad, you are actually always in 20 to 30 minutes at your destination.

Food and drink in Singapore

Singapore is an absolute paradise for those who like to eat. This is where all the cuisines from Asia come together and ensure an absolute taste explosion.

In Singapore you eat in so-called Hawker Centers. These are big food courts where there are many small food stalls where you can get really tasty food for a few Singapore euros.

Since we were so excited about the food in Singapore, we have written a detailed article. In it we tell you our favorite dishes and the most beautiful Hawker Center:

Our guide to dining in Singapore

What is the time change in Singapore?

Singapore is in the Singapore Time (SGT) with a standard difference of +8 hours compared to UTC.

There is no change to summer time, which means that during our winter time there is a difference of +7 hours, while in summer it is +6 hours.

Travel expenses money

Singapore is often described as an expensive travel destination. Of course this is true compared to cheap destinations like Thailand, but you can experience a lot with a small budget in Singapore.

Above all, the costs for overnight stays are relatively expensive, as we have already written above.

Relatively expensive are the entrances to some of the main attractions, such. Marina Bay Sands or Gardens by the Bay. Here you have to count per person with about 20 euros. But there are also many attractions that cost nothing at all.

Also quite expensive is the food in restaurants, as well as alcoholic drinks. In Hawker centers and simple restaurants you eat in Singapore but relatively cheap and you can often beat your stomach for 5 to 6 euros.

Currency in Singapore

In Singapore you pay with the Singapore Dollar (SGD). The conversion is about 3 to 2, that is one euro equals about 0.66 euros.

Tipping in Singapore

Tipping is not expected in Singapore. In restaurants, a service package is often included and in Hawker centers it is unusual to tip.

In the taxi you can round up to a full amount, but also here no tip is expected.

Withdraw money and pay locally

In Singapore, paying by credit card is very common. Even at many food stalls, it's common to pay with the credit card, so you can get along almost completely cashless.

From time to time you still need some cash, which you get at one of the numerous ATMs.

Tip from 22places: As always, we used our free DKB credit card in Singapore, which allows us to withdraw and pay for cash free of charge. More about this topic can be found in our article about credit cards without foreign fee .


Singapore is a melting pot of different cultures and religions.

There are a variety of different >

For official affairs, in business, and actually everywhere in the public, mostly English is used.

English is also spoken in the schools to facilitate understanding among different ethnic groups.

In Singapore you can handle English very well and communication problems are hardly to be expected.

Is Singapore dangerous?

Singapore is one of the safest cities in the world. Typical petty crime, as in many other major cities, is almost unknown in Singapore. This is mainly due to the very rigorous justice and its draconian punishments.

Can you drink tap water in Singapore?

You can safely drink tap water in Singapore. However, the taste is not a big revelation.