FAQs: We get naked. You ask, we answer.


We need to talk! Do not worry, that sounds more dramatic than it is. So what exactly is this about? It's about your questions! Better yet: It's about our answers. Answers to questions that flutter into our mailbox at regular intervals.

Some of them are very personal. We answered it anyway.

So you do not only learn a lot about 22places here, but also about us. When you're done browsing through the FAQs, there should be no question left.

And if you do, we look forward to your comment. But now we wish you a lot of fun.

Let's start with the very hard stuff: the personal questions. If you want to get to know us better, read our About us page .

Questions about us

When did you meet?

We got to know each other in 2009 in Berlin. We have been a couple since 2013.

How old are you?

Basti was born in 1983 and Jenny was born in 1986.

What, so old? You look much younger.

That is very nice. Many thanks.

Are you getting on your nerves?

Clear. When you live with each other 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and you also share the work, that happens to you.

But that happens very rarely, because actually we are both very straightforward. If necessary, we bribe each other with delicious food.

That always works. It's also much nicer to have fun together than to get on your nerves.

By the way, Basti can best be bribed with crispy flakes and cakes. At Jenny, Oreos and vegan chocolate ice cream with chocolate pieces work.

Short stretch out the tongue and then we get along again. hihi

What did you do before?

Basti was very creative in the choice of his studies and opted for business administration.

After that, he worked for some years in an online agency as a concept and project manager and spent a year in a Berlin start-up trying to revolutionize the energy industry. But did not work.

Jenny studied as a bachelor in Breda, which is a pretty city in Holland, International Tourism Management and Consultancy, and then did her Masters in Sustainable Tourism Management near Berlin.

Incidentally, Basti suspects that Jenny is secretly on a long course name and has therefore decided to do so. During and after her studies she supported various start-ups in marketing.

Where are you from?

Basti comes from beautiful Erfurt and Jenny comes from Traben-Trarbach on the equally beautiful Moselle .

Questions about our blog

And here are the most common questions that are asked about our blog.

Why 22places?

Ha, good question! And probably also the question that has been asked most frequently in recent years. The answer is simple.

Actually 22places should not become a blog at all. Whaat? Yes, terrible idea, right? Initially, the plan was to make 22places a platform for the most beautiful photo locations in the world.

Well, and we needed a name for that. "Places" was somehow obvious, because it was about beautiful places. Then we thought, let's just make a number before that. We can not say about ourselves that we are not creative. Haha.

The 22 has simply felt good. And tatata, 22places was born.

However, that did not suffice for us very quickly and so the photo locations collection became our blog, just as you see it today.

And to be honest, our new mission "Jenny and Basti looking for their own personal list of the 22 most beautiful places in the world" sounds a lot cooler, right?

Incidentally, we can tell you which destinations made it to our Top 22 here: Our 22 most beautiful places in the world .

By the way, just so we said it. It's called 22places and not 22Places, 22 Places, 22 places or 22nd places (yep, everything had been). And yes, recognized correctly, we are a bit own. But that's ok, is not it?

Whenever I travel, I first check with you on the blog, if you have already been there. I think your tips are so great and you help me with your many information always so much further. Can I support you somehow?

Wow! No matter how long we do this job, from such news we will probably always get goose bumps! And yes, clearly you can support us!

Just think of us next time you book or order something online. For some websites, such as As Bol.com or booking.com, we have so-called recommendation links.

This means that if you book or buy something through these links, we will get a small commission. Of course, that will not cost you anymore.

For this you can save these links in your bookmarks and before your next hotel booking or your next purchase, you simply click on the respective link:

I admire what you do and I am always happy to discover you in my Facebook feed. But I have the feeling that I do not notice everything from you. Can you tell me how I can get more out of your travels?

But of course. We are happy to answer such a great question!

You have several options. Have you already subscribed to our newsletter? If not, then you can sign up here and stay up to date.

You can also follow us on Instagram .

If you really do not want to miss an article from us, you can also subscribe to our RSS feed.

So you will always be informed immediately, as soon as a new article appears. We recommend the services Feedly or Bloglovin, which we also use:

22places on feedly
22places on Bloglovin

Unfortunately, Facebook often does not show you all our posts. But if you want to see all of us, you can just tell Facebook and that's how it works: You go to our Facebook page and click on the "subscribed" tab.

Den you find directly under our large header image. There you can then set "show first". This will make sure you miss less of us.

Questions about our job as a travel blogger

And what are you doing professionally? We are travel bloggers! With this answer, we manage to make for very confused faces regularly.

It's not such a common business. That is probably the reason why we get a lot of questions about our profession.

Incidentally, we also wrote a detailed article on this topic: Occupation travel blogger .

Are you always invited on your travels?

No. That's one of those prejudices that persists against travel bloggers.

Of course, we also know travel bloggers who only go on press trips and are invited, but also at least as many who do not.

We plan and pay for most of our trips ourselves. This is very important to us, because how else can we wrap our experiences in helpful articles to pass them on to you? It just will not work if somebody picks up our travel plans.

In addition, we are a bit peculiar in our travels and have our own way of discovering a place.

And this can not be combined with a ready-made program that you get with press trips.

From time to time we are still happy about support. On our trips to Mauritius and Canada z. For example, the local tourism boards supported us.

However, we only do that under the condition that we plan our own travel on site and decide for ourselves what our reporting looks like.

But no matter if you pay or support yourself, you always get our honest opinion.

If we do not like something, we write that too. And if we were supported on a journey, we tell you that, of course, in the post. Matter of honor!

How can you then afford the constant traveling?

Good question! May we ask you a counter question: How can you afford your life? Do you notice what we want out? The answers are the same: we work.

The thing is, many people think of travel bloggers pretending to be backpacking all around the world, lying on the beach and occasionally posting a photo on Instagram.

So and now free yourself from this idea and let us take you into a new perspective.

Let's start at the beginning: We do not own a car, we do not pay rent for our apartment in Germany (Update: Meanwhile, we have a home base in Lüneburg ) and we have no mobile or gym contract.

Say, we have hardly any fixed costs. Ok, we pay our health insurance in Germany, our foreign health insurance and the running costs for our blog, but that's about it.

What other people pay at fixed costs at their permanent place of residence, we pay in the places where we are right now. The winter we spend z. In Chiang Mai , a city in northern Thailand. There we pay monthly rent for our 45 square meter apartment, pay for food and have a cell phone sim card.

For most of the year we try to be longer in one place and in between there are classic travel phases, such as: Eg 4 weeks Myanmar or 5 weeks Sri Lanka .

Our costs simply shift from the usual fixed costs you have at home to travel expenses.

Then let's form a new picture of travel bloggers: we are actually rare on the beach. Our day looks like 70 percent of the year: getting up, having breakfast (important!), Working, lunch (important!), Working, dinner (also important). In the rest of the time we travel.

We work to afford our lives. Our life just looks different than that of many other people.

What is it like to constantly live from hand to mouth?

So, and in a thousand other words, we are often asked what it's like to constantly stay in cheap accommodation and get along with little money. And that at our age! Man, there must be at least one cup missing in the cupboard.

Again briefly about security: We are travel bloggers, we work on average 50-70 hours a week. If we did not make money with it, we would do anything wrong.

We do not live from hand to mouth, we do not sleep in dormitories but in nice mid-range hotels and, now hold on, we even put money back every month.

We may not have a normal job, but we make normal money.

How long are you going to do this?

Also a question that we find very funny. Nobody would ask that question to a nurse, a clerk or a craftsman, would you?

But this question shows us that we have to do even more educational work about our profession. Let's start with it directly.

We are always told that we could not travel around forever in world history. And without traveling around the world, we are no longer travel bloggers.

But we do not earn money for traveling. That would be a cool bill: For every travel day 400 Euro per person including travel expenses. Sounds like a dream job, right?

Unfortunately that does not work. So it does not really matter if we are traveling 10 months a year in the world, or just 6 weeks in total.

The fact is, we will do the job until we feel the need for something else. We probably will not return to an employment relationship (though, never say never!), But maybe build up a new project for which our heart beats.

How do you earn your money?

OK. Then butter with the fish.

We make money when someone signs up for our online photography class or buys or books through our referral links.

In the past, we have also occasionally launched a campaign for great companies, such as: B. our MyRoom road trip with Accor hotels . (Update: For some time now, however, 22places is no longer available for cooperation with companies, because our independence is simply more important to us.)

Then there are things like the sale of rights of use for our photos, texts for magazines and books and fees for lectures.

That's the short version. Find out more in our article Travel Blogger.

Do you pay taxes?

Yup. We are not sure yet if we like it (Ok, we do not like it.). But yes, our company is registered in Germany and we pay good taxes.

There are always a few experts who want to persuade us, it would be stupid to pay taxes in Germany. After all, we do not use the highways there and everything is stupid in Germany.

To be honest, we find this attitude quite antisocial, because we too have benefited from the German education system (which certainly has a lot of room for improvement), appreciate the health care in Germany and are happy to come from a country that gives us the freedom to live our lives as well live as we do.

That's why we do not like to pay taxes and health insurance contributions (who does that?), But we do it out of conviction. Even if it hurts sometimes.

Can you buy your opinion?

No. Some people would like that, but they bite us on granite. We only work very selectively with companies and in principle only if we know their products or their service or have tested them and consider them to be recommendable.

If we do not like something, then we do not recommend it to you.

It was very important to us from the outset that our business model works independently of any cooperation with companies and that we do not depend on constantly promoting any products and services for our livelihoods.

Therefore, we can reject 99 percent of all requests because they simply do not suit us.

But even if that were not the case, we would always tell you our honest opinion.

Indian word of honor!

Questions about travel planning

This section is all travel planning questions before traveling.

Where do you book your flights?

We search our flights with the Skyscanner flight search engine and find the connection that suits us best. Mostly we book at the end directly on the side of the airline itself.

We pay attention not only to the price. We'd rather spend a little more on a flight with shorter duration or good flight times (we hate getting up early!).

Where do you book your accommodation?

Absolutely always on booking.com. We probably already have an asterisk behind our name because we are permanent customers. Haha. In the last two years we have definitely booked 100 hotels and so far only had good experiences.

And whenever we needed help, the booking.com customer service helped us a lot.

As we z. For example, if we contacted a hotel in Thailand several times in vain because we wanted to postpone our reservation for two days, booking.com looked for a staff who spoke Thai and spoke to us for the hotel.

And no, we do not get any money from booking.com for recommending it here.

Why do you never recommend Airbnb?

We only recommend companies or services on 22places, which we also recommend. We were fans of Airbnb ourselves and used the platform more often for our travels.

But now we have two times very bad experiences with an apartment and both times we were really hung up by the Airbnb customer service.

We have clearly felt that in case of doubt, the host gets right and you as a guest just pulled the ass card.

As long as nothing goes wrong, Airbnb is of course a great thing. But as soon as you have difficulties on site, you are just stuck.

If something is wrong in a hotel, you can complain, change the room or move to a new hotel. This is not so easy with an apartment.

But there is also a second reason why we no longer recommend Airbnb: Airbnb ensures that inner cities more and more consist of apartments and residents are pushed to the outskirts.

In the meantime, most of the platforms on the platform are apartments that are used exclusively for Airbnb.

These are of course all apartments that are no longer available to the normal housing market and ensure that many residents can not afford an apartment in their city.

With Airbnb you can earn much more than with a normal tenant.

You can understand our criticism, but still want to book with Airbnb? Just make sure that you really stay in apartments that are privately used by the owner.

The idea to rent his apartment, because you just do not need them, we find great!

Which foreign health insurance can you recommend?

We have the foreign health insurance of Hanse Merkur. The standard insurance costs 17 euros a year and covers all trips that take no longer than 56 days.

If we travel longer than 56 days, we also conclude the foreign health insurance for long-term travel, which costs about 1.30 euros per day of travel.

You can take out both insurances here . We have also written down our experiences in an article: International health insurance of the Hanse Merkur: Our experiences .

We have used it several times and so far all invoices were returned without any queries. So we are happy.

How do you do that with the money abroad?

Swapping money is 90s. Hehe. When we arrive at a destination, we pick up cash at the airport, at the train station or at the ATM terminal.

With German EC or Maestro cards you do not get very far outside of Europe. Or let's put it this way: You pay fees to your bank for each withdrawal.

We have several travel credit cards with which we can withdraw cash for free in local currency.

If you are traveling a lot, you should definitely get one or two good travel credit cards.

It makes traveling so much easier and carefree. The credit cards do not cost anything. So perfect!

We use the Santander 1Plus Visacard and the DKB credit card . In addition, we can recommend as backup the also free Mastercard of Advanzia Bank .

If you have not taken care of that yet, read our article The Best Travel Credit Card , where we explain everything you need to know.

How do you manage to put your whole life in a backpack?

This is actually quite simple. Just try it and think about what things you really need in life. If you are completely honest with yourself, there is not much left of the many things you own.

It is incredibly liberating to live and travel with little possessions as it draws attention to the things in life that are really important.

And, how's the "what I really need" list? No, that was not just saying so. We are serious!

If you want to know more about what we carry around the world in our two backpacks, have a look at our packing lists for travel . There we unpack the contents of our backpacks for you.

Do not worry, we've cleaned up the content after tipping off and sorted for you. Such a bunch of stuff looks so stupid.

And of course we have also listed our clever pack tricks and practical travel essentials for you.

Are not you afraid that your valuables or even your cameras will be stolen along the way? How do you protect your camera things on the way?

Yes, of course we are scared that our valuables will be stolen. More than half of our backpack content is technology. If our laptops, hard drives or cameras get lost, we have a real problem. Because then we are, so to speak, unfit for work.

Our Pacsafe gives us a safe feeling while traveling.

In some accommodations we have a safe where we secure our passports, backup credit cards, laptops and cameras.

Often, however, the safe is too small for all our valuables or it simply stands unsupported on the cupboard. So everyone can take him along.

For safety reasons, we have our own travel safe with us . There is room for 12 liters.

Our beloved travel safe is called Pacsafe and is a wire reinforced bag that we tie to a fixed item in the room with a steel cord and a combination lock.

Of course, such a wire rope is sometimes cut through quickly. But most robberies happen out of the blue, so we just do not have a chance.

So far, we have still found a way to make the Pacsafe. At the bedstead, in the cupboard, at the heating or the cloakroom. We are very creative.

Questions about destinations

This is about the destinations we have been to.

In how many countries have you been?

Phew, difficult question. We would have to count that. Let's put it this way, there are probably quite a lot.

How many exactly, we do not care and actually it is not important, right? It is important that every journey makes us richer. Rich with many unforgettable experiences and experiences. It is not in vain that traveling is about.

So let's stop collecting countries just to let others know how many countries you've been to. Let's just enjoy the great great travel moments. Deal?

Which country did you like the most?

A very difficult question. Every country has its own charm and there are few countries or cities that we did not like.

Since we can not agree on a country, let's call you the two countries that have probably impressed us the most, and that's Japan and Myanmar .

Have a look at our article Our 22 most beautiful places in the world . Here we show you which islands and cities we like the most.

Which city did you like the most?

The question is even more difficult to answer. We love cities! Ok, let's assume that our former home of choice Berlin is out of competition.

Then we would choose Lisbon , Vienna , Budapest , Stockholm and Amsterdam in Europe. In the USA it would be New York and in Asia it would be Hong Kong , Bangkok , Singapore and Tokyo . Ok, that was 10 cities now. But what should we do? They are all great!

Where did you not like it?

Before we call you now our cities and countries that we did not like, one more note. Every place has its own positive and we are very good at finding these positive things. Nevertheless, there are places we would not necessarily travel again.

The Arab Emirates such. As Abu Dhabi and Dubai (where we would rather go back than to Abu Dhabi), the in the desert just so out of the ground, we did not like it, because in the cities just the Soul is missing. And well, as a woman, there are also cooler destinations.

In Germany, we just do not get warm with Munich , even though we've given the city so many chances before.

In Asia, that would be Bali . We are well aware that now many yell out loud and protect the island. Unfortunately that does not change the fact that we did not feel at ease there.

For us, the positive aspects of the island do not outweigh the negative aspects. Bali is dirty, Bali is one big traffic jam, it is loud and there are a lot of very unpleasant tourists there.

Questions about photography

What tips do you have for me, so that my pictures get better quickly?

Phew. What a question. It's a bit like asking us which pills you can swallow to lose 10 pounds in one month.

But we'll try anyway and give you lots of easy-to-use tips to get you started shooting very quickly.

Does that sound good? Cool, we give you the tips here , here or here . If you want to see all our photo tips articles in one heap, click here .

But if you do not do things in half, like us, then be sure to get down to basics and make your camera your best friend. Or your best friend.

And no, learning the basics of technology is not difficult and no, it's not boring either. On the contrary. Do not you think?

In our online photo course we prove that to you. Do you feel like? Then come into our circle of #cameral love and sign up .

Which camera are you on the way?

Our two main cameras are currently our two Sony Alpha 7ii . As a backup camera, if we are "easy" on the road, we still have the Sony Alpha 6000 in our range.

What photo equipment we use and what we can warmly recommend to you, we tell you in this article: Our photographic equipment .

Which camera should I buy?

We also get this question every day. Please understand that we can not offer you individual advice. We are only a 1-woman-1-man company and the day only has 24 hours.

The question of which camera is best for you personally is not so easy to answer. The answer is: depends on what you have in mind, what is important to you and how much money you want to invest.

Since we would like to support you in purchasing your camera anyway, we have written the article Camera Kaufberatung .

There we tell you which of the different types of camera best suits you and your wishes. And once you find that out, choosing the right camera is easier. Of course we also give you our tips and recommendations.

But if we had to opt for the perfect entry-level camera, that would be the Sony Alpha 6000 . Hardly any other camera offers such an ingenious price-performance ratio. It is lightweight, super compact and has all the features that you expect as a beginner, but also as an advanced from a camera.

Which lens should I buy?

Here is the same answer, as in the question which camera you should buy you.

Please have understanding here as well that we can offer you no individual advice, because we also get this question several times a day.

So that we can also help you with the question with our knowledge, we have written a detailed article on the subject: our lens purchase advice .