36 travel gifts for people with wanderlust


Gifts are known to make loving people happy. Sometimes that is not so easy and you can not think of anything useful. We want to make it easier for you and have listed you our favorite gifts for travelers here.

Do you know the problem? You want to make love people happy and not just give something?

For some you can think of something, but others are really difficult to give!

That's why we've written down our gift ideas for travelers here for you.

Gifts for travelers are not only very useful when traveling, but in case of doubt, they can also quench your wanderlust in your own home - at least until the next journey is over.

Someone from your family or friends likes to photograph or is interested in photography?

As we discover new great travel gifts every year, we update the post regularly to complement our new favorite gifts for globetrotters.

Also read our article: Gifts for Photographers

The most beautiful travel gift ideas for the home

Of course, there are not only gifts to take with you on your travels, but also great things to do at home that will delight people who love to travel or those who dream of traveling.

Photo fairy lights for your vacation photos

A great gift idea! Which globetrotter does not have a lot of great holiday photos on his hard drive, just waiting to be printed and hung up.

Or maybe you were even on vacation and can just give the vacation photos directly with them!

And quite apart from the fact that the photos are super beautiful, a candlelight sweetens the time until your next holiday!

To the photo fairy lights

World map for scratching

A scratch map is a great gift for frequent travelers. You can hang the world map on the wall and scrub any country you've visited before. This will make the map more and more colorful over time.

A great gift idea. We have already given away the card many times and it always arrived well! For about 18 euros it is also a very cheap gift.

To the world map for scratching

Enamel cups with travel motifs

Enamel cups are not only practical for traveling, but also at home a pretty accessory.

In the online shop Wanderlust by our blogger colleague Sebastian Canaves, there are many great enamel cups with different travel themes. In addition to general motifs, there are cups of different countries, eg. South Africa, New Zealand and Canada .

The perfect gift for those who want to get a piece of their favorite destination home.

To the enamel cups

Cork globe with pins

A wonderful gift for all travelers.

The cork globe not only looks really cool, you can also mark with pins where in the world you've been or maybe just where you want to go next.

The pins to mark there are conveniently directly to it!

To the cork globe with pins

An individual calendar

We make such a calendar every Christmas for our parents and grandparents. So far, we have always made them by hand, ie bought a blank calendar, have photos developed and then glued them in there.

However, as we were traveling to Asia last Christmas, we had to come up with a new solution: We simply put our calendar together online and it was ready for Christmas, printed by the recipient in the mailbox.

With 15 euros this is also a great extra gift and the recipient is not only happy about the gift, but has something of it all year long.

Design wall calendars at Pixum

Picture frame money box

Simply giving cash is kind of stupid. But if we are honest, it is often simply the best gift. So the person giving it can really use it sensibly.

The solution is just to make sense and beautiful packaging, such. B. this picture frame, which is also a money box at the same time.

So you can not only wrap your money present pretty, but the recipient can continue to use the picture frame as a money-box.

Unfortunately, traveling is not free, so it often makes sense to regularly put a little money aside.

With such a pretty money-box, that's even more fun.

To the picture frame

Useful travel gifts on the go

Gifts for travelers do not always have to be useful. But it is not so bad if they are. That's why we start with useful travel essentials that we almost always have with us when traveling. You can also find more ideas on our packing list for Southeast Asia and in our packing list for city trips .

Voucher from Rent-a-guide

If you are looking for a gift for someone who is leaving soon, you can not go wrong with a voucher on the go.

With our long-standing partner and tour operator Rent-a-guide, you can buy a gift certificate for guided tours, tickets and all kinds of activities in over 110 countries.

The voucher is valid for three years and the recipient can also use it for several bookings.

Simply enter the desired amount, select the background (you can also order the voucher with a Christmas motive), print, done. It could not be easier!

To the coupon

Moleskine City Notebook

You want to give someone something that will soon make a city break? From Moleskine there is the extremely useful city notebook series for many cities worldwide: New York, Amsterdam, Rome, Hong Kong and many more.

It is a kind of combination between travel guide and travel diary. The small notebook contains both city maps, street directories and information on means of transport and opening times, as well as space for your own notes.

Included are also twelve stickers, detachable pages and a hinged, washable foil that can be placed over the city map to draw your own notes. Convenient for anyone who likes to plan their travels well!

To the city notebook

Interactive travel diary

If you do not put your personal impressions and feelings on a place on paper, they are quickly forgotten. To prevent this from happening, every traveler should purchase a travel diary. At least those who like to write!

The Travelogue travel diary is available in three colors and with eight integrated scratch cards, where the recipient can scratch his visited travel destinations. There are 64 lined pages that provide space for ideas and thoughts with date and location.

To the travel diary with scratch cards

Battery charger for on the go

We use our powerbank almost every day and carry it with us always and at any time. If you want to gift someone who can not live without a full smartphone battery, then a power bank is the perfect gift idea.

We recommend the external charger Anker PowerCore. With 10,000 mAh you can charge the phone about 3-4 times.

But when flying you should remember not to pack the battery in the baggage, because that is prohibited. In hand luggage you can take the power bank but without problems.

To the external charger

silicone bottle

Until recently we threw away the small plastic bottles that can be bought at every drugstore after each trip, because they broke down.

During our last travel planning we discovered these silicone bottles and old Swede: they are awesome! Yes, they are only silicone bottles, but they not only make traveling easier, they are also much more sustainable than throwing away plastic bottles.

The things even have plugs so you can just stick them to the tile wall. If you do not know anyone that you can enjoy doing so, then just give it to yourself. We would! Here are the babies.

To our silicone bottles

Kindle Paperwhite: an ebook reader

We both belong to the eternally yesterday's paper-book readers. But on the go, a Kindle is super practical.

In the meantime we both decided on a Kindle and are really happy about it.

So if you know someone who likes to read and travel, you've already found the right gift.

To the Kindle Paperwhite

A great custom Kindle case

But even for those who already own a Kindle, there is a super nice gift for globetrotters: a great Kindle cover.

When Jenny bought her Kindle, she fell in love with these beautiful cases. There is a suitable individual case for everyone.

To the Kindle covers

luggage scale

Especially for people who carry hand luggage, this is a must-have! Unfortunately, most airlines are now very strict about being overweight and so it really pays to weigh your carry-on luggage in advance.

It is not a very nice start to the holiday, if you want to repackage or even pay money at the check-in.

The digital luggage scale is a great extra gift, z. B. together with a great wrapped money gift!

To the luggage scale


A Leatherman is the perfect multifunctional tool for on the go to open bottles and cans, cut sausage and cheese or even cut down a tree. We always have ours with us and it has already done us very good service.

Since we are traveling with hand luggage in Southeast Asia, we had to leave it at home with a heavy heart and in fact have missed it very, very often. So you can make travelers not only for traveling but also for everyday life a pleasure.

To Leatherman

Travel Pillow

Travel Pillow

Without Jenny traveling nowhere. There is nothing better, especially for abdominal and side sleepers, to lie down on his own cozy pillow after a hard day's travel. Absolute must-have for all travelers.

The cushion takes hardly any space, because you can roll it up (see picture), is suitable for washing machines and dryers and therefore quite officially perfect for any destination.

A gift that makes you happy for those who travel a lot.

To the travel pillow (size S is sufficient)

Knife fork spoon on the go

The spork, that's the name of the cutlery combination of a knife, a fork and a spoon is really a very cool invention and a great gift for travelers.

We use the spork especially on train rides! So you can wrap up a kiwi or spread for bread.

Sure, you could just wrap plastic cutlery every time. Alternatively, but you rather do something for the environment and has just a Titan spork at hand, which you can use again and again and especially then always has it.

Really practical and meaningful gift for environmentally conscious travelers! Thumbs up!

To Titan Spork

A hammock to take away

A great gift idea for travelers traveling to warm countries or spending a lot of time outdoors in their free destination is a hammock to take away.

It weighs only 500 grams, can be packed very small and is very easy to hang up. Sounds gorgeous, right?

A great gift that makes even more anticipation for the next trip!

To the travel hammock

An instant camera

There are probably not many people who do not like an instant camera. Of course, it does not replace the digital camera on the go, but it's the perfect match!

An instant camera is not only a lot of fun, but is also an absolute icebreaker in many countries. The Instax by Fuji is definitely a great travel gift and we prophesy that the first movie will be snapped empty on Christmas Eve.

To the instant camera and to the appropriate films

Headphones to turn off

Our Sony headphones.

If you are traveling a lot, you also have to switch off. Especially on the way, there are often situations in which you can not do this without aids, such. At the airport, on the plane, in the train or maybe just by the pool.

We can not go anywhere without our headphones. Because with them we can disappear into our own little world and just switch off.

Brand new in our luggage is the new wireless headphones from Sony (MDR 1000x), with which we simply turn off the ambient noise with one click. Great part!

You can also adjust the headphones so that you z. B. missed at the airport no important announcement. Oh, we do not want to give these things anymore!

Our urbanears.

If you want to spend for a gift but not 400 euros, there are of course even cheaper variants.

In addition, we also have Urbanears with you, which can be folded , just like the Sony headphones. The are relatively cheap with just under 50 euros and look also chic.

To our Sony headphones To our Urbanears

A travel safe

You do not have to be a security fanatic to protect your valuables from theft.

Yet, too few travelers worry about how to make sure their valuables are safely packaged.

We've been traveling for years now with the 12-liter Pacsafe, a wire-reinforced bag that can be tied to a solid object with a steel cable and a combination lock.

Most of the robberies happen out of the box and we do not offer those opportunities by stowing our laptops, passports, credit cards and even our cash in the Pacsafe.

A great gift for all travelers who do not want to worry about their valuables.

If the recipient does not carry laptops to travel, the smaller 5 liter version is often enough.

To Pacsafe 12 liters | To Pacsafe 5 liters

Magnetic cable ties

There really is not much that is more annoying than knotted headphone cables that are so confused that you can only get them apart with a lot of effort. And that's not just true for headphone cables, but for everyone else.

With a magnetic cable tie, you can make many travelers an eerie pleasure! Because they not only look chic, but are also really really practical and versatile.

You can z. B. also great as a bookmark or simply use as a normal magnet on the fridge.

To the magnetic cable tie

Cable Organizer

For travelers who love order, a cable organizer is a great gift idea. Not only can you tie individual cables together, as with the magnetic cable ties, but you have all cables sorted in one place.

So it makes the Raussuchen of the right cables but more fun if you do not pull all at once from the backpack.

This will make you happy for everyone who loves to be order-minded and likes to organize everything while traveling.

To the cable organizer

A new stylish backpack

Our backpack from pinqponq

You can always use a backpack. Since it is super handy to have a backpack that is suitable for everyday use, day or weekend trips and also for traveling.

We chose the Blok Large from the pinqponq brand as our new favorite backpack. With 40 liters, he is also allowed to fly into the cabin when flying.

The great thing is that it is expandable by the duffel style above and only then reaches its full size. As a result, he does not seem so clunky and you can also use it as an everyday backpack.

Even cooler is that the backpack is made from recycled PET bottles. Great right?

Anyone who likes to travel in style will be happy about the backpack. Incidentally, the backpack can only be ordered on the side of pinqponq.

To the Blok Large by pinqponq

Books for travelers

A great book is always a nice gift. If you can dream of a book in foreign countries, it is an even better gift. Here are our top gift recommendations.

If that is not enough for you, we also have a very detailed article in which we present you with 51 travel books, which are of course also great as a gift for globetrotters:

The best books around travel

The cookbook for travelers

Food blogger Nicole is traveling all over the world, always looking for the most exciting markets, the most distinctive scents and the best dishes to cook.

The best dishes against wanderlust she wrote down in her recipe book Reisehunger: The best recipes between USA and Singapore .

The great thing about the book is that the recipes are really easy to boil and you can make them with the ingredients that you can buy from us.

The cookbook definitely belongs in the kitchen of every globetrotter. Of course, the cookbook is also available as a Kindle version.

To the cookbook

Best in Travel from Lonely Planet 2020

The Lonely Planet also publishes a book every year, in which you will find the most exciting travel destinations, trends and experiences for the coming year.

Lonely Planets Best in Travel for 2020 is already the 15th edition and recommends to all travelers the 10 best cities, countries and regions for the year 2020.

The great thing about the book is that you would not have come to many of the destinations alone. A great gift for those who like to travel.

To the book Best in Travel 2020

The best book for women traveling alone

Our dear blogger colleague Carina from Pink Compass has written the wonderful book Women Travel Solo 2.0: The Guide for Traveling Women - and All Those Who Want to Be It . "

She not only gives you many practical tips for your first or second solo trip in the book, but she also speaks openly about fears, tells you about the mistakes she made and thus shows you that you will not hesitate should go alone.

A great gift idea for all women who like to travel, if not alone. Of course, the book is also available as a Kindle version.

To the book

The rice from travel manual

If you ask us, this book is something very special. And because it's so special, it's hard to explain what awaits you in this book. We try it anyway.

Reis' aus is a travel book from A to Z and you do not read it, like "normal" books, from the front to the back, but just wildly messed up.

It has no beginning and no end, and all parts of the book are connected and referenced.

Lena the author of the book describes it as a travel guide from A to Z about the nuts and bolts of travel. And in fact, on 270 pages, you'll find everything for everyone who loves traveling.

Travel stories and testimonials on topics such as travel acquaintances, travel fatigue, sustainable travel and much more.

But there you will also find travel tips for women, instructions for tying a sarong, workout on the go, everything to the travel pharmacy, luggage and other travel arrangements.

You notice, the book is really special. But what we can promise you: It really is a really great gift for those who like to travel.

Learn more about the book
Buy the book

Three wonderful books from the Reisedepeschen-Verlag

We love traveling, we love beautiful books and we love beautiful design and that's why we love to publish the books of Reisegepeschen-Verlag published with a lot of love.

The publishing house is a project of two successful travel bloggers who have made it their mission to make the world of travel books a little better and more beautiful and they succeed with flying colors.

So far, three books have been published and are all great gifts. If you want to support the two, you can also order the books directly from the publisher. Of course, this is free shipping and takes little longer than Bol.com.

So, now to the three books:

# 1 Germany in winter

Germany in winter is the perfect Christmas present. For all regions of Germany exciting activities are presented, which can be done in the winter and there are really a lot of surprises.

We also stocked up with some of these books as a gift. But we keep one ourselves. Hihi.

Order a book directly from the publisher
Order a book from Bol.com

# 2 The Island Guide - Thailand

In Germany you can do surprisingly much in winter. One thing is missing: the sun!

They are available in Thailand and in addition there are many small islands and dream beaches. The most beautiful islands are presented in this great book by many different authors, including us.

And best of all, this is not just about the well-known islands, but also a lot of insider tips.

Order a book directly from the publisher
Order a book from Bol.com

# 3 Roadtrip - A love story

The third book from the Reisedepeschen-Verlag is the perfect book for the coffee table. It is a mixture of illustrated book and travel stories and was written by the two globetrotters Jen and Peter.

The two had only known each other for four months when they started their journey in an old Unimog across the world. A crazy endeavor that lasted a total of 30 months and took them across Europe and Asia.

Beautiful pictures and exciting stories from the road make the book a perfect gift.

Order a book directly from the publisher
Order a book from Bol.com

Gifts for travelers who like to take pictures

We claim that almost all travelers photograph on the way. That's why we're showing you some really great gifts that will make taking pictures while traveling even more enjoyable.

Our online photo course

Learn to photograph in our online photography class

If you like taking pictures or would like to take better pictures, our 22places online photo course is just the right gift for you.

We explain complicated technical knowledge in our own way, in simple words and with a lot of fun.
In 59 lessons and 40 videos we take our students into the world of photography. Each student can learn at their own pace and log into our online course anytime from anywhere in the world.

Do you like to photograph yourself and always wanted to take a photo course? We are of the opinion that one can be quiet from time to time even a pleasure. Of course, there is also a coupon to give away.

To our 22places online photo course

A private camera tape

© designstraps

A camera always comes along with the typical camera strap of the respective company on which then fat Sony, Nikon or Canon etc. it says. There are so great beautiful individual camera straps.

It is very relieved not to walk around with these boring camera straps and we promise you will make every hobby photographer a great pleasure.

A great selection of really nice camera straps can be found in the online shop of Foto Koch

To the camera belts at Foto Koch

Wrapping cloth - camera protection

Sounds like a simple thing, but is an absolute asset. Because with the cloth you can transport the camera in any pocket. Jenny has z. For example, they often bring their penguin gym bag (and a great gift, by the way), so they can carry their camera through the world without worrying about it.

This small, simple cloth is worth gold, with about 20 euros very cheap and a great gift for amateur photographers to z. B. camera or lens to protect.

To our camera wig

A stylish camera bag

Our camera bag

Who does not know, the 30-Euro photo bags from the Media Markt or Saturn-Wühltisch. Anyone who starts taking pictures has to go through them and walk around with an ugly and boring photo bag.

Anyone who likes to take pictures, but wants to develop creative and just through photography, we can give free rein to our individual creativity. Nevertheless, 90 percent of amateur photographers walk around with the compulsory rummaging camera bag.

If you know someone who likes to take photos, give them a treat and give away a great individual bag.

Our current favorite camera bags and backpacks can be found in our article: Photo bags do not have to be boring. Stylish and beautiful camera bags!

More travel gifts?

Do you have a great gift idea for travelers? What gift would you be most looking forward to? Tell us in the comments.