22places Online Photography Course: Learning to shoot with ease


Learning to photograph has never been so much fun! In easy-to-read texts and videos you will receive the complete basic knowledge of photography in our online photo course. So you'll soon be taking stunning photos yourself.

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An online photography class that's fun!

Hi, we are Jenny and Basti! Travel photographer and founder of 22places.de , one of the most successful photography and travel blogs in Germany.

We want to infect you with our enthusiasm for photography and show you in our online photo course that learning to photograph is not difficult at all.

To take great pictures, you do not need expensive photographic equipment . Even a beginner camera with a kit lens is completely sufficient. Our course awakens the fun of photography and shows you what photography is all about.

We know from our own experience which photography knowledge you need and which is superfluous. Exactly this basic knowledge we explain to you in simple and understandable texts and videos . And so that it does not matter which camera model you own.

In our photography class, taking pictures online is fun and we are sure that you will make visible progress in the shortest possible time .

Because there is a photographer in everyone - including you!

Known from:

How does our online photo course work?

After signing up for our online photography course, you will receive your login details via email.

You can sign up for our 22places online photo course platform. All lessons are at your disposal and you can start right away. You will find there videos, texts, practice assignments, checklists, cheat sheets and many other extras. Details of our course content can be found below on this page.

Also important: Our course content is available to you indefinitely . So you can log in again anytime and expand or refresh your photography knowledge.

Our course is suitable for all SLR cameras, mirrorless system cameras, bridge cameras and many compact cameras - regardless of which brand. You can also simply email us at fotokurs@22places.de to make sure your camera is suitable.

You can expect that in our online photo course

You learn in our photo course online not only at your own pace, but also where and when you want. Your access is unlimited and all lessons are available to you right after signing up. So you have enough time to divide up the lessons.

End with exhausting and complicated technical vocabulary. We keep things simple and explain complicated things in understandable words. It's fun to learn.

Practice, practice, practice! This is very important, because only then you memorize what you have learned and apply it as a matter of course. That's why you can find a lot of practical tasks in the course and apply your knowledge directly in our 22 photo projects.

You do enjoy reading, but are you happy too, when knowledge is explained to you personally? We are the same. That's why we shot 40 videos for you and explain the world of photography in over four hours of video footage - in our own way!

Learning to take pictures together is even more fun, we have created a Facebook group for all participants of the photography class.

You can network with other participants, arrange to take photos and ask for advice and feedback.

Photography should be fun in the first place. We are all burning for the same thing: taking photos and capturing the beauty of our world in photos. That's what our course is all about.

The photo course is our heart project. We put a lot of love and passion in the development and are happy to share our knowledge and passion for photography with you.

The course is suitable for all SLR cameras, mirrorless system cameras, bridge cameras and many compact cameras.

If you are not sure whether your camera is suitable for the course, just write us an e-mail to fotokurs@22places.de , which camera you own and we'll tell you if it is suitable for our course.

22 days money back promise!

You are still not sure if the course is really for you? We want to take your last doubts with our money back promise and at the same time express our trust.

You can buy the course absolutely risk-free and have 22 days the opportunity to look at all content in peace.

If you do not like the course, just drop us an email and you'll get your money back. True to the motto: trust for trust!

This content is waiting for you
- 60 lessons, 40 videos and many extras

Fundamentals of technology

about 25,000 words 10 videos

The most important basics:

  • The aperture
  • The shutter speed
  • The exposure
  • The focal length
  • The ISO
  • The autofocus

If you want to go deeper:

  • The white balance
  • The mode M
  • The exposure metering method
  • The operating modes
  • The histogram
  • The manual focus

art work

about 11,000 words 12 videos

How to find motifs:

  • lines
  • Patterns Structures
  • To dye
  • frame
  • Negative space

This is how you put motifs into scene:

  • The right picture detail
  • perspectives
  • Golden cut
  • symmetry
  • Foreground background
  • Depth of field Bokeh

Natural light

about 4,000 words

The most important basics:

  • Use natural light creatively
  • The noon light
  • Diffused light
  • The blue hour
  • The golden hour
  • Light in fog
  • Light with firelight
  • Lights of the night

image editing

about 10,000 words 7 videos

All important basics:

  • RAW vs. JPG
  • Lightroom: import images
  • Lightroom: manage images
  • Lightroom: the controls
  • Lightroom: The tools
  • Lightroom: use presets
  • Lightroom: export images

22 photo projects

about 25,000 words 11 videos


  • architectural Photography
  • Plant and flower photography
  • night Photography
  • Shoot the shadow
  • Black and white photography
  • landscape Photography
  • Photo series
  • Sunset photograph
  • Strip of light at night


  • Freeze moments
  • Food Photography
  • wildlife photography
  • Sports Photography
  • Street Photography
  • Photographing silhouettes


  • Portrait Photography
  • Long exposure by day
  • Pull movements (panning)
  • Funny perspectives
  • Painting with light (Light painting)
  • star Photography
  • 15 other project ideas


many helpful additional contents

+ Exclusive Facebook group
In our exclusive Facebook group you can network with others, show your photos, ask for advice or arrange to take photos.

+ Photography A to Z
Lexicon of the most important photo concepts

+ Your personal photo course checklist
Check off to-do lists makes you happy and motivated to learn. That's why you get your personal photo course checklist to check off.

+ Cheat sheet - technical basics
Remembering all the basics of technology at once is almost impossible. Therefore, there are cheat sheets to print for your photo bag.

+ Link collection - photography
We share our collection of helpful links around the subject of photography with you.

Over 3000 photo enthusiasts are already there and they say:

Quite easily and relaxed Jenny and Sebastian explain the basics of photography in their beautiful and clearly structured photography course. No matter if you have already mastered the techniques of photography or just started this hobby, here is something for everyone.

Through the easy-written chapters and the great explanations in the videos, the course can work great, without losing the desire to learn. The course motivates and is just fun, so you really do not want to put the camera out of your hands. - Stephan and Tanja.

I did not think that especially the technical basics of photography can be so interesting and above all, it is also written correctly understandable for beginners. I'm excited! - Rainer

Thank you thank you thank you! Because of my ambition to understand my complicated Nikon full-frame camera, in the last 3 years I have taken 7 (!!!) courses of different content from different providers and could only classify 2 of them as scientifically profitable.

Now we practice and then immediately tackle the next topic. You know how to rekindle my enthusiasm, and I can not say enough thanks for that! You can feel the lifeblood and the work that you have put into it and immediately feel like putting the aha effect into practice.

Conclusion: Extremely recommendable for beginners, but also advanced. - Gabi

The course is really great. So far I have always been an "automatic clippers". I have tried again and again to use the other modes and rolled various books. But in the end I did not feel like it anymore, because everything was too dry and somehow too far away.

Here it is really super easy explained and accompanied by the videos still nice. You can read and hear everything again by the way. That makes the whole thing much easier and more interesting. - Stefan

Your course is really great. Before that, I spent a long time looking at how to improve my photos. A friend recommended me a Youtube channel, but I did not know where to start. I just could not get on. Only through your photo course I have really licked blood.

The structure is totally good and thoughtful. The course is very comprehensive and focuses on the essentials. The perfect mix. I have only now noticed, what a great device I've been operating since almost two years in automatic mode.

Also, I think Lightroom is very good. Before your course, I did not want to know anything about image editing. But it always depends on how you use it. So again a big thank you for this course! He gave me a lot of joy. - Julia

You will soon be able to do such beautiful pictures:

Celine, photo course participant since 2017
Holger, photo course participant since 2017
Monika, photo course participant since 2017
  • lifetime
  • Cheat takeaway takeaway
  • Your own pace
  • Understandable explanations
  • Taking pictures better with fun

Get to know us

32 years young, comes from the beautiful Moselle, is an election Berliner and world traveler. Is actually a morning muffle, stands for a good photo but sometimes also in front of the sun.

34 years old, comes from the beautiful city of Erfurt, is an election Berliner and world traveler. Likes to photograph aloof football stadiums around the world.

Frequently asked questions about our online photography course

  • Is the online photo course something for me?

    Our photography course is right for you:

    • if you still feel comfortable in automatic mode so far.
    • if you can not really start with terms like aperture, ISO and shutter speed.
    • but even if you already know about how aperture, ISO and shutter speed work, but you feel anything but safe with it.
    • If you want to learn more than just the technical basics and you want to improve yourself in other areas, such as image design and image editing.
    • if you feel like doing a lot of practice, where you can apply your learned knowledge directly.
    • if you do not fancy complicated instructions and dry textbooks.
    • if you want to get to know your camera better.
    • if you just want to enjoy photography because it's one of the most beautiful hobbies in the world.

    Our photography course is NOT right for you

    • if you operate your camera without batting an eyelash in manual mode.
    • if you prefer to invest 2,000 euros in a professional SLR camera to photograph in automatic mode.
    • If you already know all the basics of photography inside out and are looking for specialized knowledge for professional photography.
    • if you are of the opinion that you could use the time you spend on manual adjustments on the camera somewhere more meaningful.
    • when you're hard to get excited about and you do not think you'll ever enjoy photography.
  • How does the photography course work?

    If you decide to take our photo course, you will receive by e-mail your personal access data for our closed course area. There you will find all course content: texts, videos, practical tasks and much more.

    You can access the photo course from anywhere using your credentials and access it with your laptop, tablet or smartphone, for example. All content is available online for you at any time.

  • How long do I have time for the photography course?

    You can work through the course at your own pace. You get instant access to all content and decide for yourself which lessons you want to work on when and how long you want to spend your lessons on.

    We recommend that you edit all lessons in the order given. If you want to skip a topic or prefer a different order, you can of course do it.

    We know how hard it is to find time for your hobby in everyday life. Therefore, we do not limit access to the course for a specific time. If you choose our photography course, you will have unlimited access to all content for an indefinite period of time. So you can look up again and again later, if you have any questions on a topic.

  • For which cameras is the photo course suitable?

    You can complete the course with any camera that allows you to make manual adjustments, such as aperture and shutter speed. This is possible with all SLR cameras and mirrorless system cameras. But many compact cameras offer you this opportunity.

    If you have a cog on your camera with the letters P, S (or T), A, and M in it, the camera is usually suitable for the course. If you are not sure whether your camera is suitable for the course, just write us an e-mail to fotokurs@22places.de , which camera you own and we'll tell you if it is suitable for our course.

    Which manufacturer your camera is, does not matter. We have in our course participants with cameras from Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus, Samsung, Panasonic and Fuji. All participants can easily understand the course content with their camera model.

  • Do I need anything else for the course?

    In some practical tasks, it is very advantageous to have a tripod, where there is a very favorable model for the beginning. If necessary, you can also put your camera down for these tasks somewhere, but a tripod is already more convenient.

  • Can I take the course offline?

    Our photo course is designed as an online course. It is therefore very beneficial if you complete the course completely online. For various lessons, we provide compact leaflets as PDFs for printing, and there's nothing wrong with printing out the lessons for offline reading.

    However, the videos for each lesson can not be downloaded. So to watch the videos, you definitely need an internet connection.

  • Can I open the course on my smartphone or tablet?

    This is not a problem. You can open the course on different devices. The course works on a normal computer as well as on tablets and smartphones. You can also switch between devices, if you like z. For example, at home you would most like to learn how to use a computer, but on vacation you would like to look up something on your tablet. The only important thing is that your device has an internet connection.

  • Do I need Lightroom to complete the course?

    In the chapter image editing we show you how to get even more out of your pictures. For this we use the program Lightroom, because in our opinion it is the best choice for editing photos.

    Of course, you can complete the course without having Lightroom. After all, the image editing section is only a relatively small part of the overall course.

    If you prefer to use Photoshop, that's no problem either. Many of the controls in Lightroom are also available in Photoshop, so you can do many things in Photoshop from our Lightroom tutorials.

  • I'm no longer a beginner, but not a pro. Is the course still something for me?

    If you can handle aperture, ISO and shutter speed, your image design leaves nothing to be desired and you already know Lightroom well, then you probably will not learn much new in our course.

    In the end, you have to assess that yourself. Just look again at the contents of each lesson above.

  • How can I pay the course?

    Payment is handled by our service provider Digistore24. As a payment method, you can choose between direct debit, immediate transfer, Paypal or credit card.

    Digistore24 is a professional and reliable payment service provider from Germany. Your data is in safe hands.

  • Are there discounts on the photography online course?

    No. You will not find our online photo course on any other site for a lower price. There are also no regular or one-time discount promotions. It is important to us that each of our students pay the same price. Fairness is important to us!

  • Will I receive an invoice for the course?

    Of course, you will also receive an invoice with VAT. You will automatically receive the invoice directly after purchase from our payment service provider Digistore24 via e-mail.

  • What happens if I'm unhappy with the course?

    We've put a lot of knowledge and passion into this course and we're sure that the course will help you a lot with your photography. Although we are convinced, we also want you to be completely satisfied.

    That's why we offer you our 22-day money back promise. So if you find that the course is not right for you, you will get your money back. No ifs and buts!

Learning to photograph has never been so much fun!

Feel like? Then take pictures with us!

One-time payment of 122 € for unlimited access to the photography course! If you click on "sign up" or "give away", you will be redirected to the site of our partner Digistore24. There you can then pay the photo course by direct debit, Sofortüberweisung, credit card or Paypal.

Do you still have questions about our online photo course?

We want you to buy our photography course with a good feeling and we will gladly answer all your questions. Just send us an e-mail to fotokurs@22places.de and we will get back to you as soon as possible! Until then we send you very best regards and of course a lot: