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We love big cities and Bangkok is one of the cities that has taken a firm place in our hearts.

For many first time visitors Bangkok is overwhelming. So that you do not get a bad impression of this wonderful city, we would like to prepare you perfectly for your visit. Because if you get involved in Bangkok, you will love the city!

For this to work, we have a very important tip for you: Plan your stop in Bangkok at the end of your trip. Relaxed, the city can be explored much better than with a jet lag after a long journey.

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Helpful tips for your holiday in Bangkok - from us, for you!

Travel information about Bangkok

Bangkok has two airports. All long-haul flights land at Suvarnabhumi Airport. In addition, there is the airport Don Mueang, from which especially low-cost airlines to different destinations in Southeast Asia stand out.

Moving around is actually sometimes a challenge in Bangkok. By car, you are always stuck in traffic. This is sometimes so bad that taxi drivers do not even drive to certain districts of the city at certain peak times.

Public transport in Bangkok has been getting better and better in recent years. There are the Skytrain (BTS), the Metro (MRT) and the Bangkok Airport Link (SARL), with which you come from the airport to the city for about 3.50 euros.

An important means of transport in Bangkok is also the ferry on the Chao Phraya River, with which you can easily beat the traffic jam. In addition, many small channels lead through Bangkok, on which also water taxis are traveling.

In Bangkok you pay with Thai baht. 1 Euro is about 40 Baht.

It is most convenient to withdraw cash at the ATM on site. We have certain travel credit cards that allow us to withdraw money for free worldwide. More about that and our tips, you can read here .

Overall, Bangkok is one of the cheapest cities in Asia. For 1-2 euros you get delicious street food and accommodations do not cost the world.