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Pizza, Pasta, Vino! Hmmmm, when we think of Italy, we get hungry right away. The Italian kitchen is definitely one of our absolute favorites.

But not only culinary Italy is very far ahead for us, also as a destination we love the country and especially the Italian cities with their way of life.

Rome, Milan, Naples, Florence, Venice - but the sound of these names alone is somehow special. Do not you think so?

But enough of enthusiasm. If you also plan a trip to Italy, then we have a lot of helpful tips and information for you on our blog.

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Travel information for Italy at a glance

Italy is a state in southern Europe, stretching from the Alps to the Mediterranean. The northern part is adjacent to Austria and Switzerland, the western part to France. Italy borders Slovenia in the east.

In the middle of the state territory are also the two small states Vatican City and San Marino. In addition to numerous smaller islands, Sardinia is also part of Italy.

Italy has an area of ​​301,338 square kilometers, which is slightly smaller than Germany.

There are currently about 60.5 million people in Italy.

The capital and at the same time the largest city of Italy is Rome with a population of about 3 million inhabitants in the urban area, in the agglomeration it is even 4. Second largest city is Milan with a population of 1.3 million people.

Similar to traveling to other European countries, there are also a multitude of offers and possibilities for your trip to Italy to reach your dream destination.

The most comfortable way is certainly by plane - many airlines offer cheap flights to Italy from various airports in Germany. From Frankfurt, a flight to Rome takes just 1 hour and 45 minutes.

If you're not a fan of flying, you can drive to Italy by car. This can take a day, depending on the traffic situation and destination.

In addition, there are also many private bus companies that offer trips to Italy.

Italy offers a Mediterranean climate in the central part - Liguria and Veneto - but in the southern part of the country it can be very hot, especially in summer.

In the Alpine regions of Italy, the warmer season lasts from July to September, and winter can be quite cold - so perfect if you like skiing or snowboarding.