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Dubai - the metropolis of superlatives! Bigger, higher, faster, more luxurious. Dubai is just very, very crazy.

In the middle of the desert, a mega-city has been built here in recent decades. Those who love luxury and shopping malls will shed tears of joy in Dubai.

We are honest: our thing is not Dubai. But we still think that you should have seen it with your own eyes. It's best to make a stopover on your way to Asia. Watch Dubai for two days and go on!

Of course you can also spend your entire holiday here. Whether stopover or long vacation - on our blog you will find all the important information for your Dubai trip.

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Helpful tips for your trip to Dubai - From us, for you!

Travel information for Dubai at a glance

Dubai is one of a total of seven emirates in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on the Persian Gulf.

It borders on Abu Dhabi in the south and Sharjah in the northeast. In the southeast, Dubai borders Oman. To the west lies the Persian Gulf.

Dubai is just 3,885 square kilometers in size. Compared to Germany (357.376 square kilometers) it is so tiny.

Almost 3 million people live in Dubai. About 85% of the population lives in Dubai-City, the capital of the country.

With up to 14 million tourists a year, Dubai is one of the most visited cities in the world.

Dubai is in Gulf Standard Time (GST) and there is no change to summer time. So in winter there is a time difference of +3 hours compared to Germany and +2 hours in summer.

You can reach Dubai with a direct flight from many German cities, including Frankfurt, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Munich and Hanover. The flight takes about 6 hours and 30 minutes.

The best travel time for Dubai is definitely the winter months - then it's less hot than in summer. The ideal months are November, December, March and April - then it is around 25-32 ° C and also the sea at 25 ° C is pleasantly warm for swimming.

You should avoid the summer - then there are cool temperatures of over 40 ° C in the shade and the stay outdoors is almost impossible.

The currency of the United Arab Emirates is the Dirham (AED). One euro here correspond to about 4.50 dirhams.

You need a valid passport, which is still valid 6 months after your trip. If you have one, you can stay in Dubai for up to 90 days without a visa.

When entering the country, you should also be aware that strict controls are in place for the import of certain common medicines. You should either get it locally or have a medical prescription issued just in case.