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Hey! Cool that you are here. Wondering who are the faces behind 22places? Who are Jenny and Basti? Here we tell you things you certainly did not know! Curious? Well, let's get started right away.

Like us, you love traveling and you want to discover the world in your own way? Yes! Then you are exactly right with us.

With us you will find detailed travel tips, secret corners, helpful hotel recommendations and inspirations for your next vacation.

But traveling is not our only topic. No, everything here is about capturing our beautiful world in photos.

Not only do we give you lots of useful and inspirational photo tips on our blog, but we'll also teach you the basics of photography (and much more) in our online photography class, so you can bring along great photos of your travels very soon.

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about us

We have a weakness for Asia, for big cities, for breathtaking landscapes. And of course for delicious pizza and good red wine.

We prefer to travel to the sun, but we also dare to go into the cold when great photo opportunities and unforgettable impressions lure.

We love to run aimlessly through the streets of a city until we can not. We love to photograph turquoise mountain lakes and we love the smell of sunscreen on our skin. We are curious about the world and we enjoy life to the full!

Together we capture the world with our cameras and want to share our #cameral love with you. With our 5 free lessons, we will assist you in your perfect start into the exciting world of photography. Are you in?

Then get in here and let's get started:

More about us!

Let's take the next step and get to know each other better. As you browse our blog, you'll learn a lot more about us. But we do not know anything about you yet?

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The story of 22places

How did that all come to our blog? Good question! So, that was like this:

Once upon a gray October evening, just before 5, we were sitting at the table with spaghetti all'arrabbiata and dry red wine and decided to completely change our lives. Sounds dramatic, but it was not.

We just knew that we wanted to live a more self-determined and free life. Not determined by office hours and the waiting for the weekend. Or the pressure to squeeze our trips in 24 days off. This was especially dramatic for Basti.

So we planned our own online business, knelt down really for a year and put our dream into being able to work and live anywhere in the world. How this works, we explain to you in this article .

That's how 22places came into existence and since then we have been happy every day that there was this gray October evening (and the red wine) that pushed us out of our daily routine.

In October 2015, we then left behind our former home of choice, Berlin, with packaged backpacks to discover the world.

And a lot has happened since then.

We have not only traveled the world, discovered wonderful places, marveled at impressive landscapes and met charming people, but also managed with much heart, sweat and stamina to develop 22places the most widely read German->

And in order to do justice to the more than 380,000 readers who visit our blog every month, we have great people on our side who support us.

Here you can get to know our team

And as if that was not enough, we have since February 2019 still a very small, sugar-sweet team member at our side. So now we are a real, small family and now always travel to third parties.

Oh, and we have also found a new home in Germany. Since the end of 2018 we live in beautiful Lüneburg .

If you want to know more about us, please read on, and open this page for afterwards.

Unnecessary knowledge about Jenny

Jenny grew up in tranquil Traben-Trarbach on the Mosel .

After graduating from high school, she moved abroad: 1 year in New York , 6 months in Budapest and 3 years in Holland .

It could not be big and international enough.

The topic of marketing has always been one of her hobbyhorses. So she supported various Berlin start-ups in marketing during and after her tourism management studies.

Since she bought her first camera in 2006, she has fallen hopelessly into photography.

At some point she would like to drive around the world with an old Bulli and look at the sea every morning with flowers in her flowing hair. Sounds cheesy, right?

Jenny's best feature :

Your positive attitude and the art of extracting something positive even from bad things.

Jenny's worst feature :

Her stubbornness and her impatience. If she has something in mind, it has to be done right now, right now.

Unnecessary knowledge about Basti

Basti grew up in beautiful Erfurt .

Like Jenny he wanted to get to know foreign countries and cultures after graduation.

That's why he moved to Bayreuth and later to Nuremberg for his business studies.

Pretty exciting, is not it?

In 2009 he went to Berlin for his first job in an online agency. That was the way, with the 24 vacation days.

He soon chose to travel as a passion, and coincidently he bought his first camera in the same year as Jenny. Coincidence or destiny?

In addition to traveling and photography, he has two other passions: food and football. So it's a good thing that everything can be perfectly combined.

What could be better than following 90 minutes of rumbling football in a half-ruined stadium somewhere in the Asian province and then indulging in the delights of the local street food stalls? If you ask Basti: Nothing!

Incidentally, Basti is looking forward to the trip with the old Bulli and to Jenny and the sea together. But he leaves all that to her with the flowers in her hair.

Basti's best feature :

His absolute stoic serenity in stressful situations.

Bastis worst feature :

His dissatisfaction, if not everything goes as fast as he would like.

Our recommendations for you

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The team

Within a few years, our heart project has mutated into Germany's most widely read travel and photography blog. Every month, an incredible 380,000 readers read our blog.

Can you belive that? Crazy, right?

As much as that makes us goosebumps, we also had to realize that we can not do the workload for two more.

For us as incorrigible perfectionists that was really a huge problem in the beginning. But we were faced with an important decision: Either we are still drowning in work or we are building a team that can support us in the background.

So we just jumped in the cold water and today we are very proud to have a small but fine team at our side.

If you want to get to know our entire team, have a look at our team page:

The 22places team

Our journey in pictures

Pictures often say more than words. In recent years, we have not only turned our concept of life upside down, but have traveled a lot in the world.

Here are some impressions of our life and journey through the world. Of course you can find more pictures on our Instagram account .

Ahangama, Sri Lanka
Lake Louise, Alberta
Bagan, Myanmar
Rooftop bar in Bangkok
A short visit to our former home of choice Berlin .
Vorarlberg in Austria

The thing about advertising on 22places

Your trust is very important to us. So here we would like to tell you if and how we promote 22places for businesses.

Cooperation with companies

Our blog has not been available for cooperation for some time.

In the past, we have occasionally worked together with companies or destinations. If a post was created in cooperation with a company, you will find the word "advertising" above the article. We have just counted and found that you have just 4 contributions.

Now you're probably wondering why that's so few if we could make money from cooperations?

There are two reasons for this:

  1. The first reason is that we are very choosy about working with companies. We only recommend products or services that we know or have tested and that we really find really cool. And let's be honest: Most business inquiries are not really cool and we would have to bend to make them look cooler than they are. We do not want that.
  2. The second reason is that it is incredibly important to us to be independent. Right from the start, we have designed our business model in such a way that we do not depend on cooperation with companies. So we do not have to advertise any services or products to make a living.

That's why we've rejected 99 percent of all requests in the past. So you can rely 100 percent on the fact that we only introduce you to things that we really find really cool!

The short form is thus: You always get the honest opinion and no bought opinion from us. Indian word of honor!

Press trips

As a blogger one is often invited to press trips. We prefer to explore a place but on our own.

It's just a lot more fun to discover a place in our own special way than to follow a pre-built program or even run after a guide all day long.

It is important for us to say that we plan and pay for all our trips ourselves. Because only if we take care of the planning, travel, accommodation, etc., we can pass our experience to you.

How are we supposed to write authentic articles when a tourist office tells us all day and tells us what to look for, what to eat and what to experience? That's just not possible. Therefore we thankfully decline such invitations.

But now we come to the third topic that we want to talk to you about. Have you ever heard of affiliate links?

These links could also be referred to as recommendation links. At 22places we recommend you every now and again different products or services that we use ourselves.

This can z. As a hotel, a city guide or camera accessories that we do not want to miss. These are then linked to online shops or booking portals.

If you buy or book something through these links, we will receive a small commission. You do not have to pay anymore and nothing changes for you. For you, this is a very easy way to support our work.

By the way, that's nothing unusual. On the contrary. We estimate that you can find affiliate links on 90 percent of all websites. Most of them do not label them as such, because there is still no clear legal framework in Germany.

Whether you click on our links before you buy something is entirely up to you. In any case, we are very happy if our articles have helped you and if you book or buy something via our links.

So we can finance our blog and do not have to bend through advertising.