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Canada - endless expanses, breathtaking nature, moose and bears in the wild.

For many, Canada is a real yearning destination and for us, too, the country has long been at the top of our travel wish list. In the meantime, we have fulfilled our wish and been in Canada.

In our blog posts we take you into impressive national parks and of course also tell you whether we have seen moose and bears.

As usual, we have put together a lot of practical tips for your Canada road trip.

But beware: photos and travelogues from Canada are triggering a very strong desire to book a flight. Only to be warned!

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Helpful tips for your trip to Canada - From us, for you!

Travel information for Canada at a glance

Canada is a state in North America. Canada has only one neighbor: the USA. In the north, the country extends to the Arctic Ocean.

Canada is the second largest country in the world after Russia. With an area of ​​approximately 9,984,670 square kilometers, Canada is about 28 times the size of Germany and almost the size of Europe.

The country extends from east to west up to more than 5,500 kilometers and from north to south up to 4,600 kilometers.

Despite its enormous size, only 36 million live in Canada. That is less than half as many as in Germany.

The capital of Canada is Ottawa. The city is located in eastern Canada in the province of Ontario. Although Ottawa is the capital of the country, it is just the fourth largest city in Canada with almost 900,000 inhabitants.

The largest city in Canada is Toronto with a population of 2.6 million, followed by Montreal with 1.6 million and Calgary with 1.1 million inhabitants.

This question can not be answered so easily. Since Canada is so big, there are a total of 6 time zones in the country.

In the province of British Columbia with its capital Vancouver is the largest time difference to Germany. Here it is 9:00 hours (8:00 hours in summer) earlier than in Central Europe. In the province of Alberta (Calgary, Banff, Jasper) it is 8:00 hours earlier or 7:00 hours in summer.

Less is the time difference in eastern Canada. In Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa it is 6:00 hours earlier than in Germany or 5:00 hours in summer.

There are several direct flights from Germany to Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal, most of them from Frankfurt. In addition, there are also numerous connections with a stopover, with which you can also reach other Canadian cities.

From the USA, Canada can also be reached by car or intercity bus. There are numerous connections eg from New York City, Seattle, Boston or Detroit.

The best time to travel to Canada depends on where you are and what you want to do. In general, the weather is the best from June to September - especially July and August are considered the best months to travel.

Summer temperatures are higher in the east than in the western part of the country. In winter it gets very cold in parts of Canada, sometimes even down to -30 degrees in British Columbia!

The currency of Canada is the Canadian euro (CAD). One euro is about 1.5 CAD.

Before you enter Canada, you must apply for a so-called ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization), ie a travel permit.

You can easily apply for ETA online . The fee is 7 CAD (about 4.50 euros) and the approval is then valid for 5 years, in which you can always come back and forth.

The ETA is usually sent to you within a few minutes by e-mail. In exceptional cases, it can sometimes take a little longer, so you should not put the application on the last pusher.

You can then travel to Canada with ETA and your valid passport.