Our travel reports about Holland


The beauty is often so close, for example in our great neighbor Holland.

OK, playing soccer is a bit of a hiccup and culinary the Dutch are not exactly world champions.

For the Dutch have a wonderful attitude to life, from which we can look up a lot in Germany.

Actually, the country is called Netherlands, but the Dutch also call their country Holland. We think that sounds much nicer and happy to join us.

Anyway, we are big fans of Holland and we always like to travel to our neighboring country. Whether for a weekend break or a complete summer holiday by the sea - Holland is always. OK, whoever likes mountains is really in the wrong place.

In our blog articles about Holland we show you what there is to discover there.

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Our blog articles about Holland

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Helpful tips for your holiday in Holland - from us, for you!

Travel information for Holland at a glance

Traveling in Holland is not complicated, but we still want to give you some tips for your Holland vacation.

If you do not want to travel by car, you have the choice of traveling by train or plane.

By far the most important airport in Holland is Amsterdam Schiphol, which is served by numerous German cities.

Very convenient is also the journey by train. If you book early a Europe special offer of the German course, that is often even the most favorable variant.

Within Holland, the railway network is well developed. The trains run frequently and are usually very punctual.

In Holland you pay with Euro. Very common is the numbers with map.

The price level in Holland tends to be a bit higher than in Germany. Especially in Amsterdam, prices are still slightly higher than in other Dutch cities.

Holland has a similar climate as Germany. The proximity to the coast, it is often windy and rain is unfortunately not rare.

The best time to travel to the Dutch North Sea is during the warm months of May to September.

For a city trip, z. In addition, the transitional months of March, April and October are still in order. But you should be prepared that it can be uncomfortable at this time and pick out rainproof activities.